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High Klassified (Fool's Gold) – Biesta on Crispy Crust Records (Source:

Straight from the future: High Klassified – Biesta (Audio)

These Canadians surely know how to import the spaciest sounds straight from the future and let them clash with good old down-to-earth bass. Check out this new beast by Fool’s Gold’s High Klassified: Biesta. This thing wobbles so goddamn hard, it almost swept us off our feet.

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Kaytranada remix of T.I.'s and Young Thugs About Da $ on Crispy Crust Records (Source:

T.I. & Young Thug – About Da $ (Kaytranada Remix) (Audio)

Kaytranada boasted quite an affluent output this year. In fact, the only way to not have heard of the Montreal based producer in 2014 was, if you were floating around space, where the vacuum would have prevented sound waves from traveling. Check out this mellow remix of T.I.‘s and Young Thug‘s About Da $.

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Madeon You're On feat. Kyan on Crispy Crust Records (Source:

Feel Good music: Madeon – You’re On (ft. Kyan) (Audio)

There is a certain kind of tunes that will inevitably make you shake one or several body parts. You’ll sit in front of you desk unsuspectingly and suddenly realize that you’re tapping your feet and making a happy face. Madeon‘s You’re On feat. Kyan belongs into this category.

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ESKEI83 of Crispy Crust Records gives you his five favorite freeleches

Treat yourself: ESKEI83’s five favorite freeleeches (Audio)

Good day to our treasured Crispy Crust fellowship. It’s time for presents and we ain’t talking Santa Clause. ESKEI83 has compiled his five favorite free downloads for your sexy asses. So sit back and enjoy the start of the week with a couple of Crispy Crust approved delicacies.

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Ariana Grande – Be my baby (WTCHCRFT remix) (Source:

Be my baby – Ariana Grande (WTCHCRFT Remix) (Audio)

We don’t know about you, but whenever we heard the name Ariana Grande, we were reminded of a choirgirl twinkling at us with innocent doe eyes. Thanks to WTCHCRFT, though, we started to sense here angelic voice, too. The producer’s remix of Be my baby is the perfect song to smoothly start into a new week.

Robs & Duke (Source: Robs & Duke Press Kit)

Buraka Som Sistema – Vuvuzela (Carnaval) (Robs & Duke Remix) (Audio)

Though for some folks November 11th marks the official commencement of the carnival season, the proper celebration does not start until early next year. Still, it is never too soon to look for the upcoming season’s certified carnival anthem, and we think, we’ve found it: Robs & Duke’s remix of Buraka Som Sistema‘s Vuvuzela (Carnaval).

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Haftbefehl – Lass die Affen aus’m Zoo (Drunken Masters Remix) (Audio)

Time for a quick lesson in basic German linguistics. There is a saying called “Lass die Affen aus’m Zoo”. Translated word by word this means: “Allow the apes to leave the zoo”, the proper meaning being: “Go apeshit”. That is exactly what this song, remixed by Crispy Crust‘s very own Drunken Masters, will make you want to do.

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Dan Gerous (Source:

German collaboration: Dan Gerous – Badda Dan (DJ Katch Remix) (Audio)

Munich’s Monsieur Dengereux, aka Dan Gerous, returns with a remix by Frankfurt’s DJ Katch called Badda Dan. It basically reminds you of the fact that you have a serious problem if everyone’s badda than yo. Guys, hold on to your balls and beards. Ladies, you might want to pin up your hair.