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Sweet Saturday: Noah Slee – Can`t Let Go (Ben Esser Remix) (Audio)

“Mellow out with me”, says Noah Slee on his new joint Can’t Let Go. No sooner said than done! This is the perfect song to pause for a moment, kick back, relax and find some piece for the mind. Crispy Crust’s Ben Esser went to work on the track and turned it into his signature mix of uplifting melodies over smooth bass lines, without loosing any of the original’s calm essence.

Ben Esser photographed by Martin Erd

More Love: Ed Sheeran – CoCo (Ben Esser Remix)

It’s insane what a little bit of Coco can do to an entire online world. Ed Sheeran recently gave us a very soulful rendition of what you may call the drug anthem of the century. And guess what: Ben Esser went to work on the Sheeran cover and flipped the entire thing in a way, only he could. This is potent stuff, ladies and gentlemen.