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Sweet Saturday: Noah Slee – Can`t Let Go (Ben Esser Remix) (Audio)

“Mellow out with me”, says Noah Slee on his new joint Can’t Let Go. No sooner said than done! This is the perfect song to pause for a moment, kick back, relax and find some piece for the mind. Crispy Crust’s Ben Esser went to work on the track and turned it into his signature mix of uplifting melodies over smooth bass lines, without loosing any of the original’s calm essence.

Ben Esser did it again; creating a song that can be enjoyed equally well in a club, dancing with your eyes closed, or at home, cuddled up in bed with your loved one. Those horns, by the way, are courtesy of the one and only Brasstracks.

Ben Esser photographed by Martin Erd

Ben Esser laid hands on Noah Slee’s Can’t Let Go (Picture: Martin Erd)

Can’t Let Go is Noah Slee‘s debut single. The man with the soulful voice was bron in Tongan, New Zealand. He was raised “on a diet of funk, soul, blues and rock”, to use his own words. He previously worked with Australian producers such as Yahtzel and LDRU beforde finally landing in Berlin Kreuzberg where he connected with Kitschkrieg. Check out the video below.

They bond so well that one can only hope Kitschkrieg will be contributing a lot more on Slee’s debut album which is expected later this year. You can support the artists by buying the Can’t Let Go single here. It contains the Ben Esser remix as well as a flip by NGHT DRPS.

Title shot by AWHODAT

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Written By: ggottfried