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Krane – Nobody But You (Audio)

Yeah, yeah, we know: we’ve already featured Krane‘s album Fallout on this blog. But there simply isn’t any tune right now we would rather celebrate the end of the week with.

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Tim Gunter – Badman (Audio)

Tim Gunter delivered a tune that’s both heavy and mysterious. It’s called Badman, and we’re not sure whether it’s a self-reference. After this tune, the producer from LA has definitely earned that title.

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Ekali & ZHU – Blame (Audio)

We’ve featured both Ekali and ZHU several times on this blog. The reason is, of course, simple: both create bloody great music. And here they are, united on one track that will blow your mind.

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YOOKiE – Escape (Audio)

We hope you had a smooth transition into the new year. We’re glad to pick up where we left off in o-seventeen: with lot’s of insane tunes and beautiful symphonies. And it is all thanks to Yookie that we are able to adopt just the right tone for this very first public post in 2018.

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