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Blackbird Blackbird on Cripsy Crust Records (Source:

Time to chill out: Love Me Harder (Blackbird Blackbird Flip) (Audio)

It almost weekend, friends. We know that you’re probably planning to go out tonight, and maybe have a few drinks at a friends house before. If you do, this song won’t work. If, however, you want to properly mellow out after a hard week’s work, this Blackbird Blackbird Flip of Ariana Grande‘s Love Me Harder.

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Coco KidzBop remix: In Love With the Cocoa on Crispy Crust Records (Source:’s-hippest-coffee-shops/2453/)

The sweetest thing you’ll hear all year: I’m In Love With The Cocoa (KidzBop Remix) (Audio)

“Mix it in a glass, Mommy. I’m drinkin’ chocolate fast, Mommy.” The hype OT Genasis has started with the release of Coco is incredible. The KidzBop remix is what you might call the child-friendly version. That being said: the kid still kills it. We know the new year has barely begun, but we’re pretty confident you won’t hear nothing cuter in the near future.

YB? is one half of Monsieur Monsieur (Source:

EDM my Ass, this is voxnox: Dimeuhduzen x Erick Solo – Leather Gloves (YB? remix) (Audio)

There aren’t many terms more annoying than EDM. Seriously, what does it actually mean? Not that we’re big fans of categorizing music anyways, but in times where genres like deep rai, vegan straight edge and zeuhl exist, don’t you think EDM is kind of unspecific? We’re glad to present you with a track that knows exactly what it is for a change: techno.

Enjoy this Leather Gloves remix by YB? (the smart guy in the picture), who is one half of the French producer duo Monsieur Monsieur. The original Leather Gloves was crafted by Dimeuhduzen & Erick Solo, who will release their new EP Black Entities on January 21st via the German techno label voxnox Records.

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Naderi with his remix of Kilter's Coward on Crispy Crust Records (Source: Naderi's Facebook page)

Amazing Australia: Kilter – Coward (Naderi Remix) (Audio)

The number of talented producers hailing from Australia is quite impressive: Chet Faker, Flight Facilities, Flume to cite a few. Now Naderi joins their ranks with his remix of  Coward by Sidney based producer Kilter feat. vocals by Ngaiire, who unsurprisingly is from Australia too.

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Baauer Zales on Crispy Crust Records (Source:

Thuds & Thumps: Baauer – Zales

Baauer has released a new track: Zales. It contains many thuds and thumps (that sound like Santa Clause was landing on your roof) and almost no melody. A couple of vocal samples hold together what is otherwise a string of drums and crunchy synthies (that sound like someone was savoring momma’s Christmas cookies). Baauer and Zales are part of LuckyMe‘s Advent Calendar 2014, which you will find after the jump.

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Galantis Runaway (U & I) Ben Esser Remix on Crispy Crust Records (Source: Galantis Soundcloud page)

Sweet: Galantis – Runaway (U & I) (Ben Esser Remix) (Audio)

Crispy Crust‘s Ben Esser worked his magic on Galantis‘ Runaway (U & I). While the original – which you can listen to after the jump – has more of an Ibiza feel to it, the Ben Esser remix is laid back: You could still get carried away by it in a club, but you could easily make babies to it, too. How do you do it, Ben?

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