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New music: Elènne – The Princess

Elènne takes things to a different level on his latest joint, The Princess. Gone are the fancy melodies and innocent playfulness. This time around, the producer from Stuttgart shakes up the place with some heavy synths and hard hitting hi-hats. Things just got serious.

If Elènne, up until now, made you sway in the sunshine or dance in the moonlight, then The Princess will make you rip your shirt apart in a dark underground club.

Elènne started creating music in 2010 and went with his current moniker in 2013. He always emphasizes that much more goes into a great bass track than just, well, bass.

Elènne is dreaming of a yellow christmas

Elènne is dreaming of a yellow christmas

To Elènne, it’s all about the mind-set you’re in. It is at least as determining to your end-result as your technical skills. We will let you guess the psychological state the man was in when producing The Princess.

What all of Elènne’s work has in common, though, is the attention to detail. And his crafty production style allows him to create virtually any vibe you could conceive of.

We’re just glad he trusted Crispy Crust Records with this release. It is a honor to have a fellow Sujuk pizza lover on board. We should get along just fine.

Check out our interview with Elènne here.

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Written By: ggottfried