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Free Download: Elènne – King of Thebes (Audio)

According to Elènne, Oedipus was the “original mofo”. If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you cannot debate that. King of Thebes is Elènne‘s tribute to the tragic figure. And it’s goddamn beautiful.

There’s not much information to be found about the producer from Stuttgart, Germany. So we were more than happy when he agreed to answer a couple of questions. We for example found out, that Elènne knows how to play the guitar, which he tries to incorporate into his production whenever possible. You can certainly hear it on King of Thebes, but also in a lot of his other works which you should check out on his Soundcloud page.

You wont find any pictures of Etiènne on the net. Not yet anyway.

You wont find any pictures of Elènne on the net. Not yet anyway.

One of the many highlights on there is Between Us, a collaboration with Mothica from Brooklyn, New York. Says Elènne: “When I first heard a track by Mothica I thought, ‘holy shit’. So I asked her if she wanted to produce a track with me and she was like, ‘okay, let’s do it’. I sent her the instrumental and within two days she’d recorded her first part. I haven’t heard from her since, so I just finished the track with that one part of hers. I didn’t want it to waste away on my hard drive.”

Thank god you didn’t! Listen to Between Us below. You need not live life in fear of running out of inspiration if this is the result of working with an unfinished vocal track. Another free download, another moment of gratitude.

Elènne is currently pretty busy completing his studies, so he couldn’t reveal too much about future projects. Two collaborative projects with rapper The Yung Fusion and fellow producer Spire are definitely in the making though, as well as two new solo efforts.

Of course we couldn’t let the man leave without asking him about the pizza of his choice: “My absolute favorite is pizza with sujuk. Gotta sport that garlic breath for sure.” Good choice, Elènne. Good choice.


Written By: ggottfried