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The Interview with Shahly: Making your day a bit brighter

We’re going to start interviewing artists, crews and labels we like going forward. That was the introduction. Now enjoy getting to know the first artist in our new The Interview category: Shahly from Norway.

When did you start producing?
I first got FL Studio about 3 years back! Really did not start producing a lot before I was in my second year of high school, which is about 2 years ago now!
What kind of music did you grow up listening, what are your influences?
When I was a kid, my mom would always be blasting Jamie Cullum and Earth, Wind & Fire on our car trips! So jazz and funk are really big influences!
What equipment and software do you use?
I use Fl Studio as my main DAW on my Mac! My synths are made with Sylenth1 or Massive. I also use a M-Audio Oxygen keyboard sometimes to come up with ideas for new songs.
Shahly was kind enough to answer our questions

Shahly was kind enough to answer our questions

What do you want to achieve with your music?
I want to make music that inspires people and makes someone’s day a little bit brighter. It also is very important that I can enjoy listening to the music myself!
Any label you would like to end up on?
I’m a huge sucker for Soulection and Future Classic. Would love to end up on either of the labels  at some point.

In what ways is the electronic music scene in Norway special?
Norway is the home to two of my favorite producers: Lido and Cashmere Cat. Hopefully the trap/hip-hop/future bass scene will get more popular in Norway these coming months!
What is your favorite pizza?
My favorite pizza is a Italian anchovies pizza called the Napoletana.

Written By: ggottfried