Thugli’s current Top 5 (Audio)

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Thugli (by: TonyColasurdoPhotography)

Thugli’s current Top 5 (Audio)

What a way to start off the week: Thugli provided us with their current top 5. They even commented on each choice. This is the diligence you need to succeed in life, ladies and gentlement. Hit the jump for awesome music.

1. Flume (feat. Pusha T) – Enough Man

“This shit is wild. Everything about it. It’s so cliche to say, but he really is the best. The distortion on Pusha’s vocals?! The distorted random crackle? Like what? Ugh. So damn good.

2. Post Malone (feat. Quavo) – Congratulations

Possibly chorus of the year on this one. Such an amazing flow “if you…fuck with..winning…put cha…lighters…to the…skyyyyy”. So ill. The homie Frank Dukes on the beat too. It’s a winner. We used to do dj battles with Frank Dukes back in the day. He’s a mean ass turntablist low key. Fun facts”

3. Eskei 83 & Drunken Masters & Gunjah – Rave

“Not putting this one in here to dick ride, promise! Haha! We heard an early version of this one at Jazzy Jeffs place a little while back and were both super stoked on it! Love the bright, wonky lead. Well done boys!”


In action.

4. Gladiator – Sierra

“Super cool one from our homies! Those plucks are so insanely catchy. Keep replaying the pattern in our heads over and over. Also Dan & Ian are just the best people on earth. Everything they do in life is a win.”

5. Kaaris x Mr. Carmack – Charge (Boombox Cartel Remix)

“As if this track wasn’t already banging enough as is! Damn! Sometimes good songs just need to be left alone….then other times this happens and it works out SO damn well! Those horns are huge. Kept the integrity of the original and just made it hit that much harder. Love that shit”

Thanks, Thugli, for taking the time to compile and write this. It is much appreciated! For more Thugli, jump here.

Title shot by Tony Colasurdo Photography.

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