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RL Grime – Core (TRAILS Flip) (Free Download)

Trails met our taste with this flip of RL Grime’s Core: heavy bass and a uplifting melody created by chopped up chords. It’s a no brainer.

For more from this German producer, check out his remix to Flume’s Insane below. There’s also some original work further down. How bouncy can you get? Infinitely bouncy apparently.

That's the closest to a depiction of Trails we've got.

That’s the closest to a depiction of Trails we’ve got.

What we really love abou this lad is the many suprises he hides in his work. His tracks never get boring, most of the time he (if he indeed is a he) will hit you with something unexpected. Check out this brilliant remix of Mothica’s You Will Forget Me.

Follow Trails:
Soundcloud: @onetwotrails
Twitter: @itstrails

Written By: ggottfried