Crispy Crust Records/Video /Premo Perfect: Joey Bada$$ – Paper Trail$ (Video)


Premo Perfect: Joey Bada$$ – Paper Trail$ (Video)

Joey Bada$$ brought together many great producers on B4.Da.$$. One of them is the mighty DJ Premier who created the beat for Paper Trail$. Definitely one of our favorites off of Joey’s latest album

We really think B4.Da.$$ (Before the money) is an amazing piece of work. It’s almost half a year old now and we still pump it a lot. Joey’s voice and his anarchistic flow make every track captivating – except for that Teach Me bonus track. Honestly, what ist that?

For Paper Trail$ DJ Premier sampled lyrics from another Joey Bada$$ track called Unorthodox (which was also produced by the legend himself, which must have made the sample clearing process so much easier). Check it out below.

DJ Premier and Joey Bada$$ harmonize well with each other

DJ Premier and Joey Bada$$ harmonize well with each other

The line in question is “Money ain’t a thing if I got it”. A very obvious statement with far-reaching implications we won’t get into now because this is a blog where people are supposed to have fun. But honestly, look at where the world’s hunt for the Paper Trail has gotten us. Life could be much simpler, so let’s just agree on taking Joey Bada$$ seriously when he says that “Cash ruined every thing around me”.


Written By: ggottfried