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Crispy Crust Records/Audio /Ö – CRISPR – Cas9 (Audio)



Ö – CRISPR – Cas9 (Audio)

What a neat tune by Ö. Crispr/Cas9 was entirely created using sounds emanating from his own body. And no, we didn’t just select the tune because it contains Crisp in its title.

Said the producer himself: “The relationship between Genome editing and CRISPR/Cas9_, is that this song is entirely made of samples from my voice and body. I took bits of foley sounds that I recorded -> deconstructed them -> re-assembled them -> mangled them up -> extracted their harmonics AND made them sound really different from how they sounded before.”

Ö’s Posthuman EP is out now. Check it out below, and acquire it here or here.

Follow Ö:
Soundcloud: @thisisnomak
Facebook: facebook.com/nomakmusicnomakmusic
Twitter: @nomak_music
Instagram: @nomakmusic


Written By: ggottfried