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Out Now: Jimmy Pé – Perelandra

If you haven’t heard the name Jimmy Pé yet, despair not. You will know who he is, and forever remember his name, after listening to this masterpiece.

This versatile composition called Perelandra is a sonic extravaganza. Jimmy Pé’s attention to detail is mind-boggling, and proves why this kid from Slovenia is going to make a lot of noise going forward. It also explains why he’s already graced major festivals like Sziget with his presence.

We’re humbled and honored whenever talented acts such as Pé decide to release new music with us.  PereLandra is definitely one of our most special releases to date. The name is a homage to the second book in C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy, a story about a hero gaining profound insights into life while traveling trough the cosmos.

Jimmy Pé created a truly spectacular track that is both adventurously playful and deeply rich in sound. Time to lift off in T-minus 10, 9, 8, …

Follow Jimmy Pé:
Soundcloud: @jimmy-pe
Twitter: @jimmypetgo
Instagram: @mr_jimmype

Title shot by Viktor Cicko

Written By: ggottfried