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Crispy Crust Records/Audio /New Release: Drunken Masters – Ohne Grund (feat. Nico K.I.Z) (Audio)



New Release: Drunken Masters – Ohne Grund (feat. Nico K.I.Z) (Audio)

Are you ready for the lastest masterstroke from the house of Drunken Masters? Ohne Grund is a collaboration with Niko from iconic German rap group K.I.Z.

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There are few bands that can match the on stage energy levels of the Drunken Masters. One of those bands is K.I.Z. and it is no surprise that both acts share a long, rich and spirited past.

From the day the Drunken Masters and K.I.Z. met, a chemistry could be felt between these extraordinary human beings, all of whom don’t shy away from sacrificing their health and safety in order to bestow on to you, ladies and gentlemen, the night of your life.

No Reason.

No Reason.

After one epic remix of K.I.Z.’s Urlaub fürs Gehirn (check out below) and several epic clashes between both bands on stage, here’s their next collaboration: Ohne Grund. The Drunken Masters are responsible for the banging production, while the vocals you hear are the sweet utterances of Niko, one of K.I.Z.’s frontmen.

The new song goes by Ohne Grund, which roughly translates as For No Reason. In the most general terms, it’s a song about relieving stress by starting a party. You will most certainly agree, that this nuanced composition will resonate with the sophisticated club goer of this day and age.

So without further ado, we give you: Ohne Grund. Hot and fresh out the CCR stone oven.

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Title shot by Philipp Peter Gladsome

Written By: ggottfried