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Mr_Carmack_Solutions (Source: Soulection)

Mr. Carmack – SOLUTIONS, with Donnis (Audio)

We can’t feel our faces after listening to this new and insane tune by Mr. Carmack: Solutions featuring vocals by Sir Donnis. So before hitting play, hold on tightly to your pates, mates.

As you would expect from a Mr. Carmack track, Solutions is pure anarchy. It serves as an announcement of the producers new Red EP, set to drop this month only.

Mr. Carmack's new EP, dubbed Red, is set to dop this month

Mr. Carmack’s new EP, dubbed Red, is set to dop this month

Mr. Carmack is part of LA’s Team Supreme, who drop a beat selection every week. “Every week a different producer picks two samples and a BPM. The files get passed around, and everybody uses the guidelines to make a beat”, the collective explains.

Check out the latest one. Mr. Carmack didn’t contribute to this particular one though. But we thought you’d appreciate nonetheless.

Written By: ggottfried