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Magic Monday: Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (Clishé Flip) (Audio)

French producer Clishé went to work on what is arguably the feel good song par excellence: Feel Good Inc by the Gorillaz, “one of my favorite childhood songs”, as the producer states. Download this melodic tune for free after the jump.

These days, hot new producers spring up on a daily basis. A Soundcloud account is all you need, so most of them will upload their tunes before doing anything else like creating a profile with pictures, biographies and other information about themselves.

This, of course, makes it hard to find any meaningful information about the artists which in turn makes it hard to write neat little stories to publish alongside their music (something we love to do, as you know).

Clishé flipped one of his favorite childhood songs: Feel Good Inc by the Gorillaz

Clishé flipped one of his favorite childhood songs: Feel Good Inc by the Gorillaz

Then again, all that should really count in the end is the music. And there has never been more amazing music to share. Ever. Clishé for example isn’t only an great remixer. We find his original production quite soothing to the soul too. Check out Farewell below.

If you think Clishé does nothing but sweet melodies, you’re very much mistaken. The frenchman (are we even dealing with a man? We have no idea) likes to go in hard as well, as the next tune called Blow demonstrates.

“I make music by accident”, says the producer before adding: “If you’re a rapper and want beats I’ve got some, ask me.” You’ll find contact details on Clishé‘s Soundcloud page, which you should also check out if you’re not a rapper, because there is so much nice stuff to be found on there. Most of it is for free, which is why we wan’t to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Written By: ggottfried