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Kyli – Feels (Video)

Check out the latest single by Kyli, called Feels. And head to the jump to find out why this young’n is considered by some the embodiment of future.

“My new single ‘Feels’ is out now on Good Enuff ! ???? Hope you liked it and don’t worry, there will be more stuff this month ?,” Kyli writes on his Facebook account. So there’s more to look forward to.

Caught the Feels yet?

Caught the Feels yet?

Until then, feast on his previous works, such as Back to You. You can support this talented lad by making the purchase here.

The Frenchman is also a master of chill, as can be experienced when listening to his collection of originals. Don’t get us wrong: it also contains some pretty lound bangers.

Follow Kyli:
Soundcloud: @kylimusic
Twitter: @kylimusic
Instagram: @kylimusic

Written By: ggottfried