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Sepalot (Photographer: Susie Knoll)

Fresh out the oven: Sepalot – Breathe (feat. Cosby) (Audio + Video)

The homie Sepalot just released his latest single called Breathe. It features heavy bass lines, hard-edged drums and super sweet vocals by Marie, front singer of Cosby. An all-out Munich collaboration you might say. Check out the neat visuals for Breathe after the jump.

According to lore, Sepalot derives from the Bavarian word Sapperlot which is used to express surprise or excitement but also indignation. Well, lets put it this way: You’ll be surprised to see Sepalot accompanied by a drummer – Fab is his name – on stage, you’ll be excited about how that combination sounds and indignant at the fact that all good live shows have to come to an end.

Sepalot has no regard whatsoever for genres. He’ll combine whatever he likes in his DJ sets but also in his original production of which Breathe feat. Cosby’s Marie is the latest example. The track follows These Tears which the DJ released three months ago. You can buy both tracks here if you want to support the man. Check out his Soundcloud for more and also visit egoFM for his weekly DJ show Egotrippin.

Sepalot features Cosby's singer Marie on Breathe (yes, she's that gorgeous woman eating her Crispy Crust Pizza)

Sepalot features Cosby’s singer Marie on Breathe (yes, she’s that gorgeous woman eating her Crispy Crust Pizza)

Check out the dates below to find out where you can witness Sepalot work his magic on two 1210s and a MPC. It’s a treat, you can trust us on this one: Crispy Crust’s Drunken Masters have been on stage with him before and it has always been a sublime experience.

08.05.15DT – Freiburg – Passage 46

13.05.15DT – Ravensburg – Club Douala w/ KRAFY KUTS


Written By: ggottfried