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Falk Schacht by Delia Baum

Ear Feast: Falk Schacht – Jeep Beats Vol.2 (Audio)

Falk Schacht – Jeep Beats Vol.2 by Falk Schacht on Mixcloud

The homie Falk Schacht blessed us with a delicious mix, called Jeep Beats Vol.2. The journalist, DJ, hip-hop guru from Hannover curated a 36 course menu consisting of nothing but fine beats, sweet samples and pleasant melodies. Before you hit play though, we suggest you choose a moment when you “got nowhere to go”, as Miss Platnum sings on Berlin, one of the many special treats on Jeep Beats. Trust us, you won’t want to have to press pause.

We live in beautiful times as far as the musical world is concerned. At no point in history has there ever been an equally staggering amount of extraordinary music available to so many people. Curation becomes an invaluable service in times of such abundance, and not everybody is up for the task. Falk Schacht is a beacon in the vast ocean of sound. A trusted source, dedicated to unearthing the most precious musical gems.

So kick back and enjoy Jeep Beats Vol.2. By the way, “das ist ein guter Rhythmus” means “that’s a good rhythm”. Now you’ll understand the intro.

Falk Schacht assembled a nice musical mosaic of soul soothing tunes out of his collection

Falk Schacht assembled a musical mosaic of soul soothing tunes out of his collection

Falk Schacht – Jeep Beats Vol. 2 track list:

01. Electric Touch (2012) by Michal Menert & Break Science
02. Hope (2013) by Evil Needle
03. Schlaflos (2000) by MB 1000
04. Chhurch (2012) by Lorn
05. The Meaning (1997) by High & Mighty
06. No Musical Compromise (1991) by King Size Terror
07. Crab (1996) by Fierce
08. Do My Thang (2015) by Kova
09. Dieu Reconnaîtra Les Siens (1995) by DJ Cam
10. Keep It Real (1995) by Milkbone
11. Drinky (2012) by Pixelord
12. Days With You (Pomo Remix) (2014) by Snakeships
13. Time Leak (2011) by The Union
14. Temptations (1995) by 2Pac ‎
15. Searching (1995) by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
16. Searching (Pete Rock Remix) (1995) by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
17. Pokyo (2012) by Ta-Ku
18. 4nia (2011) by AFTA-1
19. Runaway (2011) by Ahnnu
20. Berlin (2013) by Modeselektor + Miss Platnum
21. October Gold (1995/2015) by Busy
22. Lawless (2013) by Lazerhawk
23. The Formula (Funky FM Mix) (1989) by The D.O.C.
24. The INC Ride (Phat Kat Mix) (1995) by Masta Ace Incorporated ‎
25. The Rhyme (Slum Village Remix) (1996) by Keith Murray
26. Conscious Of Sin (1995) by Shabazz The Disciple
27. Fall Funk (2011) by Panther God
28. Pandora (2013) by Abjo
29. Wishuwerehere (2014) by Vestige
30. Street Life (1993) by Intelligent Hoodlum
31. Jed and Lucia (Painted Stars Refix) (2010) by Label Love
32. Boss Worm (2010) by Pixelord
33. Wander (2008) by Flako
34. Gorka (2015) by Dexter
35. Bring It On (2015) by Kinski
36. Scratch Regulator (2015) by Kova


Falk Schacht just founded Catch The Beat, a independent label for beat aficionados and lovers of vinyl – like Schacht himself. The first release on Catch The Beat is the soundtrack to a short film called “Street Jazz – An Audiovisual Postcard From NYC” telling the story of skateboarders Danny Sommerfeld, Felix Lensing und Kai Hillebrandt. It contains exclusive tracks by German producers Busy, Dexter, Suff Daddy, Figub Brazlevic, Morlockko Plus, Brsik Fingaz, Kova und Kinski. And it is limited to 500 copies (if you want to grab one, try here). Check out the full movie below if you like.


TPDG – Street Jazz from PLACE Magazine on Vimeo.

Also check out Jeep Beats Vol.1 by Falk Schacht:

Falk Schacht – Jeep Beats – Music is Instrumental Vol.1 by Falk Schacht on Mixcloud

Written By: ggottfried