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Crispy Crust Records/Audio /Chee ft. Noclu – Get Hot (G Jones Remix) (Audio)



Chee ft. Noclu – Get Hot (G Jones Remix) (Audio)

You gotta love a tune like G Jones‘ remix of Chee and Noclu‘s Get Hot. This had our heads banging for minutes after the actual song. You’ll find the original after the jump.

Said G Jones: “So happy to finally release this remix I did of my favorite track from Chee’s release on Saturate Records. Lots of love to Chee, Noclu, Saturate and everyone listening + supporting.”



Check out the original:

It’s part of Chee’s new EP called Fear Monger. It can be purchased here. G Jones has an EP out himself. It’s called Visions, and you can listen to it below.

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Written By: ggottfried