Crispy Crust Records/Video /Champion’s Combo: E.A.S.Y. – Pop Music (Video)


Enferno and Shiftee form E.A.S.Y.

Champion’s Combo: E.A.S.Y. – Pop Music (Video)

DJ-Champions Shiftee and Enferno have teamed up to form a Combo named E.A.S.Y.. The Duo just released a live performance video for their latest joint Pop Music. Grab the free download after the jump.

DJ Shiftee won the 2009 DMC World DJ Finals and is the only American DJ to date to have won the DMC Battle for World Supremacy in 2007. Enferno came in second at the DMC World DJ Finals in 2003, so it is safe to say that both DJs are masters of their craft.

Shiftee and Enferno founded E.A.S.Y. in late 2014 and have since then come up with four official releases on Slow Roast Records, of which Pop Music is the latest. As you can clearly see in the video, both artists enjoy themselves very much while going at it. On a side note: how freaking epic is the part starting at 1:38?

E.A.S.Y. – Enferno and Shiftee – are clearly enjoying themselves (Screenshot:

E.A.S.Y. – Enferno and Shiftee – are clearly enjoying themselves (Screenshot:

Here’s the free download of Pop Music, as promised. Thank you E.A.S.Y. Check out Shiftee’s and Enferno’s respective Soundcloud pages for more.

Written By: ggottfried