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Akabongi ft. Spoek Mathambo (Mo Laudi Remix) (Audio)

In the beginning of this year, Daniel Haaksman released a critically acclaimed album by the name of African Fabric. The entire album got remixed by different artists. Here’s the first one for Akabongi.

The remix was created by South African producer Mo Laudi, who gave the whole tune a nice Afro House touch. Listen to all the other remixes below.

Mo Laudi (Picture by Aurore Vinot)

Mo Laudi (Picture by Aurore Vinot)

You can grab the album here. Here are some details about all the remixes, courtesy of Daniel Haaksman:

“First off, is South African Mo Laudi with an Afro house rendering of “Akabongi”. It´s followed by three remixes featuring the hot new Lisbon sound 2Pekes, a member of the infamous DZC Deejays crew remixed “Sembène” in Euro kuduro fashion, whereas Izem put “Kaggua” ft. Tshila on a broken beat turf. Man of the moment Dotorado, also hailing from Lisbon, is featured with his version of “Rename The Streets”. UK´s freestyle bass dons LV revisit “Sabado” with a London carnival mood. Then there´s São Paulo´s hot new beat talent Bad $ista who samba-funked up “Black Coffee” ft. Dama Do Bling. Another Lisbon remix contribution is by legendary Portuguese kuduro don DJ NK remaking “Xinguila” ft. Throes + The Shine in a raved up kuduro smasher. Swedish bass maestro Dance, Kill, Move tamed the original footwork monster “Aho” to a tarraxo influenced half timer. Probably the heaviest remix on “African Fabrics Remixes” is by São Paulo´s ambassador of low end schlepp beats, Cybass, who put “Afrika” ft. Tony Amado ft. Alcinda Gueraneh into madness territories. Durban´s Gqom kingpins Rudeboyz added a weighty groove to the Mbira infused “Raindrops” track, turning it into a club ready track. And finally, New Zealands Afro popster Weird Together remade “Querido” ft. Bulldozer with a UK funky inspired mood.

“And there you have it, “African Fabrics Remixes”, featuring eleven diverse and club-friendly remixes that will put “African Fabrics” in further and more varied contexts. Play it out!”

The original can be streamed as well. Some world music for all you beautiful people out there. If you want to support this project, why not invest some hard-earned dollars here.

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Written By: ggottfried