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The Drunken Masters in th Red Bull Tourbus

World Premiere: the Crispy Crust Records Tour

For the next ten days ESKEI83, The Drunken Masters and DJ Stickle will travel the lands to personally welcome you to the first ever Crispy Crust Records Tour. Slim C and Big Joe are already enjoying the homely amenities their Red Bull Tour Bus has to offer.

First stop: the Cue in Stuttgart. 7 pm. Make sure to arrive on time ladies and gentlemen. You don’t want to miss a proper world premiere. If you can’t make it to the Cue, do not despair: there are plenty more opportunities to catch our master chefs cooking up live, using ancient family recipes that have been passed down over generations.

The Drunken Master's and ESKEI's live reputation didn't come by accident

The Drunken Master’s and ESKEI’s live reputation didn’t come by accident

Our skilled chefs use nothing but the finest ingredients while at work. Their rich bass, savory synths and sweet melodies are organically grown, hand picked and fairly traded. This stuff is healthy for you. Come treat yourself. Dates:

Tuesday, 05/12/15 – Stuttgart, Cue
Wednesday, 05/13/15 – Cologne, CBE
Thursday, 05/14/15 – Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit
Friday, 05/15/15 – Lüneburg, Salon Hansen
Saturday, 05/16/15 – Kiel, Max
Sunday, 05/17/15 – Bremen, Tower
Tuesday, 05/19/15 – Frankfurt, Zoom
Wednesday, 05/20/15 – Berlin, BiNuu
Thursday, 05/21/15 – Pouch, Sputnik Springbreak (Festival)

The Crispy Crust Records Tour is organized by Der Bomber der Herzen, you can grab tickets here.

In an interview with Red Bull the Drunken Masters said that they are going to spend the time traveling through Germany on the bus listening to a couple of demos that have been sent to us over the past months (thanks for those by the way. It is unbelievable how much talent is out there). “Maybe we’ll even produce a new Red Bull Tour Bus hit!” We’ll keep you updated.

"Our home for the next few days." How happy they look!

“Our home for the next few days.” How happy they look!


Written By: ggottfried