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Wicked Wednesday: Motoramotora – Flummox (Free Download)

Motoramotora just made their latest cut called Flummox available to the world for free. Enjoy, beloved fellowship of the curst.

It hasn’t even been a month since we welcomed Motoramotora into the lovable Crispy Curst Family. In case you missed the welcome ceremony which was accompanied by the release of their self-titled EP, do not despair. We included the three track spectacle below.

On Flummox DJ, DJ KaZaA Lite and DJ BearShare PRO V5.2.4 Full + Crack go hard. It’s their most in-your-face release so far. As with all of their releases the attention to detail is striking. As minimalistic as many parts of the song are, the little twist and turns will keep you entertained.

Motoramotora released Flummox as a free download.

Motoramotora released Flummox as a free download.

To flummox, by the way, means to perplex, bewilder; confound; confuse. As a noun it would describe a failure or a desaster. Yes, the word actually exists, but it is a slang word, very colloquial. 

Buy the Motoramotora EP here and follow the trio on

Soundcloud: @motoramotora
Twitter: @motoramotora

Written By: ggottfried