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DJ Mittone (Photo: Revo Photography)

Tuesday treat: DJ Mittone – Focus Mixtape (Audio)

Mittone just released his very first mixtape. It is called Focus and serves as a perfect displays of the DJ’s portfolio consisting of bangers, remixes and a lot of bass.

Mittone was born and raised in the Allgäu in the south of Germany, one of the most beautiful places this world has to offer. He shares this common background with Crispy Crust’s very own Drunken Masters, who he has supported in the past.

DJ Mittone worked on Focus for about half a year

DJ Mittone worked on Focus for about half a year

It is now time for the man to conquer other parts of the world and his first mixtape Focus will help him achieve this feat. It is a cleverly worked out mix that will make you want to witness this man live as soon as possible.

You won’t have to wait long for an opportunity to do so, as the renowned Stamina Agency have just nabbed Mittone, so spread the word: there’s a new player in town coming to tear down any given club with his bass laden sets.

Title shot: Revo Photography

Written By: ggottfried