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Trill Tuesday: Selena Gomez – Good For You (NEBBRA Remix) (Audio)

Bounce to Nebbra‘s amazing take on Selena Gomez’s Good For You feat. A$ap Rocky. The French producer never fails to impress with his sophisticated remixes.

The Good For You remix boosted Nebbra‘s reach quite a bit, after actress Chloë Grace Moretz tweeted it to her 1.8 million followers. The producer had this to say: “I am grateful for any fan and any support from people who love my music so much that they tell their friends about me. In this case I was grateful that a celebrity with millions of fans would support my music. If you sit at home and all you have is your dreams this stuff definitely gives me a crazy feeling and strength to pursue further. To know that my music reaches so many different people from so many different angles of the world and gets that love is the biggest reward.”

That new Nebbra remix is Good For You

That new Nebbra remix is Good For You

For more Nebbra and other great music check out his Too Future. guest mix. As usual, the format provides some amazing insight into a producers mind and inspiration. And for even more of his work, check out our last entry for when he created that amazing Too Original remix for Major Lazer.

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