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ESKEI83 of Crispy Crust Records gives you his five favorite freeleches

Treat yourself: ESKEI83’s five favorite freeleeches (Audio)

Good day to our treasured Crispy Crust fellowship. It’s time for presents and we ain’t talking Santa Clause. ESKEI83 has compiled his five favorite free downloads for your sexy asses. So sit back and enjoy the start of the week with a couple of Crispy Crust approved delicacies.

If a Red Bull Thre3style Champion and 8-fold DJ battle winner recommends music, you better prick up your ears. ESKEI83 went through his vast library of tunes to curate a Top 5 – in no particualr order – that will make you weep with joy. To quote the one and only true Kaiser, Franz Beckenbauer: “Is it Christmas already?”

1. E.A.S.Y. – Fly Away

2. Four Color Zack – Reewind

3. Meaux Green – IDFWU Remix

4. Lambo & Doobious – Good Love

5. Zeke Beats – Doge

Written By: ggottfried