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Trappy Tuesday: Kasbo – Umbrella Club EP (Free Download)

Kasbo released his Umbrella Club EP for free. It is a high quality product showing one thing above all else: we’ll here a lot more from this kid from Gothenburg in Sweden in the future. The track above is just an aperitif. Check out the entire EP after the jump.

Kasbo has been receiving quite some attention over these past months which has reportedly led to a couple of labels knocking on his door. “Defyingly though, Kasbo is releasing his debut, five-track EP independently and for free download- in favor of his fans”, it says in a text accompanying the release of Umbrella Club.

According to his own words, Kasbo is “really proud of how this project turned out. I feel like every song on the EP plays it’s role perfectly and it all comes together amazingly. SO EXCITED THAT YOU FINALLY GET TO HEAR IT!” And he adds: “More music coming sooner than you’d expect.”

Well, we can’t wait, Kasbo. We can’t wait.

You can grab the standard version of the Umbrella Club EP here. You can also opt for subscribing to the artist’s mailing list, in which case you will receive 14 (!) additional tracks, image files and more.

The cover for Kasbo's Umbrella Club EP has been created by

The cover for Kasbo’s Umbrella Club EP has been created by

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Soundcloud: @kasbomusic
Twitter: @kasbomusic
Instagram: @kasbomusic

Written By: ggottfried