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Thursday treat: Shahly & SVDKO – samuraï (Audio)

Check out samuraï by Shahly & SVDKO. It’s a vigorous production that will surprise you with every drop and turn it takes.

Shahly from Stavanger, Norway, and SVDKO from Brussels, Belgium, are relatively new to the game but have clicked right away. We especially love the mighty horns on samuraï and the song’s far eastern vibe. And we want to say thank you to both producers for making this collaboration available for free.

Shahly & SVDKO joined forces on Samurai

Shahly & SVDKO joined forces on Samurai

For more Shahly, check out Daydreamer and Cookie Dough below, the first two tracks he posted on his Soundcloud. The man’s choppy staccato style and lush synth expanses are a telling identifier.

SVDKO compiled three of his original productions in a playlist which you will find below. The way this young lad ranges between grim melancholy and uplifting harmony is quite something. Pay particularly close attention to the awesome way he and his collaborator TVB built in Rihanna’s BBHMM into Vendetta.

You can buy all three tracks for a price you set at SVDKO‘s bandcamp.

Follow Shahly:
Soundcloud: @shahly
Twitter: @crudesociety

Follow SVDKO:
Soundcloud: @sadko_beats
Twitter: @sadkobeats

Written By: ggottfried