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The Interview with Hebinomichi: all about being honest

Today, we continue our original interview series. We’re very grateful that we got the mysterious Hebinomichi collective to answer a couple of question. May we succeed in lifting the veil on this highly intriguing outfit just a little bit .

We spoke to ahh ooh, one of the co-founders of Hebinomichi. Since there is no better way of getting to know another human than through their music, we attached his latest below. It comes as a free download, just like the Vol. 3 EP above, displaying the collective’s energetic sound.

So let’s get straight to it, like there’s nothing to it:

When, where and by whom was Hebinomichi founded?
Hebinomichi was born in a Chicago hotel room last year during a discussion between Stelouse and myself (ahh ooh). We got so stoked about the idea that we coated the room in leftover pork shoulder and hotel post-it notes.

Who makes up the team?
It’s always changing and winding – we don’t even really know.

Is it a label, agency, collective? How would you define it?
It’s definitely a Collabel – we are for sure a collective but we ideally exist to hold each other up like one of those crazy human pyramid teams.

Are labels still important today?
Definitely, if you enjoy sitting on your music while a bunch of people you’ve never met bark back and forth about how they can make the most money off of you.

What does an artist have to bring to the table for you to be interested in working with them?
Something that acknowledges it’s environment while being honest with itself at the same time.

Where are you based? What is special about the scene for electronic music there?
The Internet, which is basically an intelligent robot fetus, so it’s important that we keep it happy and give it nice things to experience.

What is next on your agenda?
Snaking on different situations, throwing more parties IRL, putting out more rad shit.

What is each team member’s favorite pizza?

Sushi and pizza. What a combination

Sushi and pizza. What a combination

We want to thank ahh ooh for taking the time to answer those questions. As promised, here’s his current EP Inamorata:

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Soundcloud: @hebinomichi
Twitter: @hebinomichi
Instagram: @hebinomichi

Follow ahh ooh:
Soundcloud: @ahh-ooh
Twitter: @ahh_ooh

Written By: ggottfried