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Lido & Canblaster (Photographers: Steven Ilsen, Pelican Fly)

Terrific Tuesday: Lido & Canblaster – Rush Hour

Lido & Canblaster are all set to release their joint project Superspeed on April 6th via Pelican Fly. The Duo just dropped Rush Hour, a first little taste of what is to be expected of the EP.

What Lido & Canblaster have come up with on Rush Hour is nuts: so much love for detail, neatly executed to form a highly atmospheric piece of musical joy. You can buy the song on iTunes, which is where you can pre-order Superspeed as well.

Being skilful classical piano players, both producers complement each other really well. One can only assume that Lido contributed those diversified chord sequences while Canblaster came up with the spacious middle parts that give Rush Hour this almost sacral feel. But who really cares who did what. All we know is that this track makes us lust for that Superspeed EP really badly. May it not be delayed.


The Superspeed EP by Lido & Canblaster drops on April 6th (Artwork: Richelle)

The Superspeed EP by Lido & Canblaster drops on April 6th (Artwork: Richelle)

If you want to see for yourself that we weren’t kidding about Canblaster‘s piano skills, listen to and download his wonderfully melodic piano mixtape below. What the Frenchman composed here is quite powerful.

For more Lido go here. The Norwegian producer started this year by giving away all of his 2014 remixes for free. If you haven’t gotten a hold on them by now, you should definitely catch up on that. It is one hell of a compilation.

Written By: ggottfried