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New music: Elènne – The Princess

Elènne takes things to a different level on his latest joint, The Princess. Gone are the fancy melodies and innocent playfulness. This time around, the producer from Stuttgart shakes up the place with some heavy synths and hard hitting hi-hats. Things just got serious.

Get Ready: MRJAH drop Z EP on CCR tomorrow

This is a friendly reminder, beloved fellowship of the Crust. You are about to receive an early christmas present. Tomorrow, on December 14, berlin based trap lords MRJAH are going to release their latest EP called Z. It is named after one of the most important Animes ever created: Dragon Ball Z.


Funky Summer: Elènne – Melt (Audio)

Elènne has just released what the producer himself describes as a “funky summer track”. It is called Melt. As usual, we’re blown away by Elènne‘s elaborate production: fancy melodies, chopped up samples and – you guessed it – a lot of funk.