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Get acquainted: TroyBoi – BBC Radio 1 Guest Mix – Diplo And Friends (Audio)

You’ve probably already been blown away by that video snipped of Diplo and TroyBoi‘s performance at Something Wonderful in Dallas, where they dropped their upcoming collabo. If not, check it out after the jump. We’ve been refreshing both artists’ Soundcloud pages by the minute ever since. It has not yet happened. To ease the wait, we’ve chosen this mix for Diplo And Friends on BBC Radio 1. It is inspired by the music TroyBoi used to listen to growing up.


Mellow out: A.Chal – Gazi (Audio + Video)

If you’re in the same mood as us right now – which is wanting to just kick back and reflect on the weekend’s events on a hungover sunday – Gazi by A.Chal is the perfect one for you. Take a look at the neat visuals to this relaxed tune after the jump, and be at ease with the world.

Mura Masa (Source:

Unreal music: Mura Masa – Are U There (Audio)

Sorry, for posting this only now. The truth is, we’ve been utterly stunned into a kind of paralysis by Mura Masa and his Someday Somewhere EP, released last week. Are U There is just one of six absolutely brilliant tracks on it. Enjoy the rest after the jump. Just remember: you won’t be able to do anything for the next couple of days, except maybe crying out of sheer gratitude to have been alive when this young producer dropped these tunes.