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Funky Summer: Elènne – Melt (Audio)

Elènne has just released what the producer himself describes as a “funky summer track”. It is called Melt. As usual, we’re blown away by Elènne‘s elaborate production: fancy melodies, chopped up samples and – you guessed it – a lot of funk.

World Premiere: Jamie xx – Good Times feat. Young Thug & Popcaan (Take Dat remix) (Audio)

Take Dat are back for good. And no, we are not talking English pop culture here. This two piece ensemble was founded in Germany, with two of the country’s most prolific DJs joining forces to do what they do best: destroy clubs all over the globe. SIR JAI & PSAIKO.DINO are celebrating the release of their first official collaboration today: a remix of Jamie xx’s Good Times feat. Young Thug & Popcaan. It’s a flat out hymn, ladies and gentlemen. And we are very happy to give it to you first. Take Dat!


Get acquainted: Wax Wreckaz interview with The Gap

Only a couple of days ago we celebrated the release of the new Wax Wreckaz banger Heavyweight Sound. The four bass lovers from Austria talked to the homies from The Gap about the song, their origins, Crispy Crust Records and much more. Actually, only DJ Busy Fingaz did the talking, but let’s not dwell on trivia here. We’ve selected some highlights from the interview for you after the jump.