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JayKode Press Photo 4 (Color)

Sweet Saturday: JayKode – BeeHive (Audio)

Holy Crust. What has JayKode done? And most of all: how did he do it? He new tune BeeHive comes with all the ingredients this sound visionary from LA has become known for: epic melodies, classic piano parts and heavy bass.

We can only guess that JayKode named this banger BeeHive because of the bad ass buzz that hits after each drop, although it is more reminiscent of a giant hornet on Crack. It is the perfect track to be shaken up on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You can support the man by spending some of your dough on Beatport.



Speaking of shaking up. Whoop! should achieve the same. And this one even comes for free. Much love for that.

Last time we had JayKode on our site was in the beginning of the year when he dropped his Dark EP on Unborn Records. We’re glad to see that he hasn’t changed much.

Written By: ggottfried