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Herzeloyde as seen on Flow-Fi

Sweet Saturday: Herzeloyde – Push | Pull EP (Free Download)

Happy weekend most revered fellowship of the crust. Herzeloyde just released a two track EP for free, and it’s the ideal sound for a laid-back Saturday afternoon.

Herzelyode is yet another Australian trap export sticking out with a very unique sound, oscillating between mellow minimalism and lavish synth expanses. The common thread: bass baby. We’ve added a couple more of his tunes below. The first one’s a collaboration with Dabow from Argentina, called Drop It. You can buy the track here.

This one’s a joint project with Cali based KRNE, called Trajectory. It’s another free download. Thanks, Herzeloyde. We really appreciate it.

Herzeloyde it part of Flow-Fi’s roster, a label founded by Ananthu Nair (Sydney), Rodney Montreal (Los Angeles) and Bhanu Rangra (New Jersey) in 2014. The self proclaimed “taste dictators” and “leaders of the new school” boast an impressive artist line-up. We’ve posted the links below.

That's him: Herzeloyde (Source:

That’s him: Herzeloyde (Source:

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Written By: ggottfried