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Smalltown DJs – My People EP

It is a true pleasure to announce our latest release: My People, a hard hitting sonic boom created by the brilliant Smalltown DJs. And it doesn’t come alone.

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When’s the last time you properly shook your beautiful behind to some classy house music? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the tune you’ve been waiting for. A powerful display of Canadian craftsmanship. Straight to the face bass, spheric synths and genius vocals. Are you ready to dance the techno tango?

Three remixes accompany the original. One by Crispy Crust’s turntable lord ESKEI83, who clearly had the club in mind when piecing together his version. It’s deep, dark, and bounces like hell. Next up is Marten Hørger, who added some brass to the bass. Wait for the sweet transition the song makes midway. And finally Love Taps who went all jungle on it.

Smalltown DJs today release their My People EP on CCR

Smalltown DJs today release their My People EP on CCR

Smalltown DJs hardly need an introduction. They’ve been on the lists of A-Trak, Diplo, Toddla T, Sinden, Annie Mac, and more. And they’ve released music with the greatest: Fools Gold, Punks, T&A Records, Sol Selectas, Top Billin, Plant Music & Bigfoot Records. We feel honored to be a part of this legacy now.

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Faithful followers of the crust will remember the duo’s remix of Wax Wreckaz’ Heavyweight Sound. It was part of the remix EP by the same name which dropped in the beginning of this year on Crispy Crust Records.

Nothing tells you more about an artist that the music they love. So we thought we’d give your Smalltown DJs’ favorite tracks of 2015. Seems like the “couple of guys who were up to no good” found peace last year.

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Written By: ggottfried