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Saturday Symphony: L D R U – Pop That (Audio)

What an epic return of L D R U. After a quiet phase of not releasing any new material the Australian producer is back with an instrumental named Pop That. A boomy banger with heavenly harps, sweet synths and liberating chants.

“Word on the grape vine is that I’ve got a killer EP about to drop”, L D R U recently announced on his Facebook. We’re probably not the only ones really excited to hear that after receiving Pop That as a free gift and sample of what is yet to come.

The producer names Future Classic as his label, though he’s not listed on the label’s website. Yet. This may change with the release of that EP.

A new EP is coming soon, says L D R U

A new EP is coming soon, says L D R U

L D R U‘s last proper release was called Give It All and dropped more than a year ago. Like Pop That it comes as a free download. Check it out below.

To enjoy some of L D R U‘s many remixes, we suggest you give his >>Remixes<< EP a try.

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Soundcloud: @theldru
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Written By: ggottfried