Crispy Crust Records/Audio /Rrari Paapi – Scurrderia Rides #1 (supp mauzi & mo$el Mo) (Audio)


Cosmo Gang by Glasdome Fotografie

Rrari Paapi – Scurrderia Rides #1 (supp mauzi & mo$el Mo) (Audio)

Rrari Paapi is part of the Cosmo Gang, on of Germany’s most intriguing rapper and producer collectives right now. Paapi combined some exquisit tunes on Scurrderia Rides #1.

“Ok let’s go: As of now, Scurrderia #1 by Rrari Paapi is online. It’s the mix for the first immer.ready [always ready] party to celebrate the release of Mauli’s album Live in Berlin. A few immer.ready bangers, many current (rap)hits, a couple of classics from the golden era (2012-2015) and some pop for the last fine days of the year. #2 coming soon. Thanks @makaoceania for the last song and the intro,” the gang officialy stated.



Cosmo Gang includes Holy Modee, Rrari Paapi, Bimbo Beutlin, Albert Parisien, Tim Taler, Gym Knopf, Phips, M. Shoecrafter and Dany Hillman. We hope that’s exhaustive. In the picture (by Glasdome Fotografie), Rrari Paapi is the one ashing his joint.

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Written By: ggottfried