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Rooftops Horizon – Compilation Vol.3 (Audio)

One of our favorite future bass label released a new compilation. Here’s your music for the weekend, friends.

It’s a collection of music the people at Rooftops Horizon are passionate about. Vol.3 is promoting the French scene with artists like Chahine, Uth Fruit, Dakat or Ax.L, but also Soeasy and Mo Vibez from Austria and Audiobot from the US.

The Rooftops Horizon Compilation Vol. 3 is out now.

The Rooftops Horizon Compilation Vol. 3 is out now

You can grab your personal copy of this wonderful potpourri in the format of your choosing here. Our favorite is probably Thorns by Uth Fruit and Chahine from Toulouse in the south west of France. And we’re also big fans of how smoothly this compilation fades out with two proper slow jams at the end.

Check out our Interview with the wonderful people at Rooftops Horizon. And make sure to check out more music from the artists on Vol.3. @itssoeasy, @listentofruit, @chahinesounds, @dakatmusic, @axlaxlaxlaxl, @audiobotmusic and @mogotvibez.

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Written By: ggottfried