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Ressurection Music: dojo – Sans Cesse (Audio)

We hope you had a relaxed Easter holiday and found plenty of eggs. Now, whether you believe that Christ has risen or not, you will agree that dojo‘s Sans Cesse is the perfect Soundtrack to accompany such a miraculous feat.

On Sans Cesse dojo hits us with his signature atmospheric and synth-heavy sound. It starts oh so gentle and turns into an angelic hymn when it climaxes at around 0:48. Isn’t that just the sound you’d like to be resurrected to.

Sans Cesse, which by the way means continuously in English, is the first of three tracks on dojo‘s upcoming EP Branches, for which the Canadian producer has yet to announce a release date. You can show the man some love by buying the track here.

Sans Cesse is part of dojo's upcoming EP Branches

Sans Cesse is part of dojo’s upcoming EP Branches


Branches is going to be released via Paris based Rooftops Horizon. We already posted the label’s current compilation in a previous article. For more dojo, listen to Do I Wanna Know? below.

Written By: ggottfried