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Little Simz

Renegade flow: Little Simz – Lane Switch (prod. RASCAL) (Audio)

“No one’s tryin’ to hear none of that fake sh*t”, says Little Simz on her latest tune Lane Switch. So true. So true.

“I started writing probably when I was, yeah, like nine, ten. And then obviously as I got older I meet different people, you get best friends, you loose friends. And now I’m here and have a lot to talk about”, says Little Simz in her short introductory video on Facebook.

And the way she talks really is something. Intelligent lyrics expressed in what can only be described as pyroclastic flow. A combination that hasn’t been this compelling since we first heard Kendrick Lamar, who called Little Simz “the illest doing it right now” in an interview with the BBC.


"One of the illest doing it": Little Simz (Picture by:

One of the illest doing it: Little Simz (Picture by:

Things started taking off for her when Jay Z’s Life + Times premiered her fourth mixtape Blank Canvas which you can buy – for whatever price you deem appropriate – on her Bandcamp. Since then she released a lot more music like her Age 101 drops, named after her own label. You can listen to the latest installment below. We can’t wait for this young woman to drop her debut album, hopefully this summer.

Title shot by: Matteo Montanari // i-D Magazine


Written By: ggottfried