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Point Point – Wound Up (Audio)

Some tracks hit you like a massive wall of thick melodic waves. Wound Up falls into that category, for sure. Point Point made.

“This one is different & we couldn’t wait anymore to share it with you all,” the Frenchmen said about Wound Up.

Family Portrait is out now.

Family Portrait is out now.

Not too long ago, they released their three-track-strong Family Portrait EP. It is pretty mind-boggling, to be honest. Check it out below before making one of the best purchases you’ll make all year right here. All right, that may be a bit overstated in the internet age, where amazing music drops constantly. But Family Portrait does stand out.

We’re really, truly, utterly amazed. Check out this insane production called F+L, which samples Kanye West’s Flashing Lights. Beautiful, don’t you think?

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Written By: ggottfried