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Pitchy & Scratchy – Dry Aged (Audio)

This should be played at high volume,” say Pitchy & Scratchy about their latest tune Dry Agend. Please oblige, will you?

Dry Aged is the title track of the eponymous EP, which you can listen to below. We personally recommend Savignion, but the whole thing will keep you engaged for sure.

Out now!

Out now! Here.

“Pitchy & Scratchy are a DJ and producer team from Stuttgart (Germany) established in 2013 who’s approach is to excite party people throughout the clubs, presenting self-produced tracks as well as remixes. Offering an imaginative show including a mysterious buzzer, lots of confetti, strobe lights, fog and even a trapdoor, these two newcomers turn the club scene inside out and upside down. Clubers can await a high-end HipHop-show including excursions into trap music as well as cross-genre mash-up remixes – two and a half hours of pure madness, presented by two lunatic music lovers,” the duo’s current bio reads.

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Soundcloud: @pitchyandscratchyshow

Title shot by Martina Wörz

Written By: ggottfried