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Inodi on Pelican Fly – Digital Heart EP (Audio)

Wow. That’s all you can really say about Inodi‘s Digital Heart EP, which just dropped on the incredible Pelican Fly label. You’ll love it.

This masterfully crafted work of art is a gift. The level of melodic skill and the attention to detail the producer from Donetsk put into this will blow you away. Five beautiful pieces, including one drum and bass spectacle, to soothe your soul.

Inodi definitely deserves a bust for this one

Inodi definitely deserves a bust for this one

The Digital Heart EP drops this Friday (May 21) on iTunes. Seldom will you spend 3 quid more wisely than here. For more Inodi, check out his very first mini mix on Mixcloud. It includes all of Digital Heart too.

Listening to such amazing music coming out of a crisis-stricken place like the Ukraine makes you appreciate the sincerity of art even more. While we’re enjoying all of this music, let’s not forget the millions of people that are exposed to unspeakable crimes inflicted upon them by their own governments.

Sorry for ranting. This ridiculous remix of Lido’s I Love You Pt. 2 just invoked our revolutionary spirit. What a man. What an incredible man.

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Written By: ggottfried