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Ben Esser on Crispy Crust Records

Only one day left: Pre-order Ben Esser – Love You More now (Audio)

This phase of releasing a record is called the “unbearable waiting phase”, we feel like the cat on a hot tin roof. Everything is settled for Ben Esser to drop Love You More on Crispy Crust Records tomorrow. The only remaining question is: have you already secured your personal copy?

Ben Esser Love You More on Crispy Crust Records

Pre-order Ben Esser’s Love You More on iTunes now

If not, you might want to visit your trusted online retailer – in this case meaning iTunes – and do so now. This beauty of a track won’t get better with time, so why wait? Ben Esser and Crispy Crust Records appreciate your support. So do it. Do it now. Seriously.

If you want to get to know Ben Esser a little bit better first, why not start with his remix of ZHU’s Faded below. You can also jump here or here for more of his music or visit his Soundcloud page. Check out Ben’s artist page on Crispy Crust Records, too.


Written By: ggottfried