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New release: Drunken Masters – Insalata (Audio)

Happy May 1st everyone. It is here: Insalata. The new single by our Chief Executive Demolitionists Drunken Masters. Make sure you grab this sledgehammer of a track after the jump.

If you have been fortunate enough to witness the Drunken Masters live on stage in the past, you know that this tune fits in seamlessly with their eclectic but always ecstatic hit mix spanning across all genres. Insalata goes hard, and you can grab your personal copy here:

Google Play:

Just remember to blast this tune next time you’re served a bland version of this traditional Italian dish. Some chefs manage to mess it up big time because they don’t put enough effort into it. As you can clearly hear, the Drunken Masters made sure to spice it up so even the most hard-boiled gourmands out there will appreciate it.

If you want to have a taste yourself make sure to catch Slim C and Big Joe on tour. You’ll find the dates below. They will be joined by fellow head Directeur de Cuisine ESKEI83 as well as their personal Sous Chef DJ Stickle. It is going to be a flat out feast, ladies and gentlemen. Make sure you arrive hungry.

It won't be long before the Drunken Masters, ESKEI83 and DJ Stickle halt in a town near you

It won’t be long before the Drunken Masters, ESKEI83 and DJ Stickle halt in a town near you

By the way: did you know that there is already a song called Insalata Italiana out there? It was composed by Richard Genée and isn’t that different from the Drunken Masters version actually.

Written By: ggottfried