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New music: Hucci releases 404 (Audio)

Hucci returned to the trap stage with a couple of new tracks recently, some of which he released under the mysterious Veyron Arche imprint. The Brighton based producer now decided to drop an entire album called 404, containing 22 tracks in total. It’s so nice to see Hucci return with this elaborate collection of his deep and pleasantly dark signature sound. Hit the jump for the 404 download.

Visit Hucci’s bandcamp to download 404. You are allowed to pay as much as you like. Unfortunately we still live in a world where there “ain’t nothing more important than the Mula”, as stated so adequately by Big Sean in the track above (which is also featured on the album). So be generous: you’ll receive your money’s worth.

You'll receive your money's worth by giving generously in return war this beauty of an album

You’ll receive your money’s worth by giving generously in return for this beauty of an album


Written By: ggottfried