Crispy Crust Records/Audio /MOM Empire (Skill Warriorz feat. Pitchy&Scratchy Edit) (Audio)



MOM Empire (Skill Warriorz feat. Pitchy&Scratchy Edit) (Audio)

The Skill Warriorz and Pitchy & Scratchy took one of the most iconic tunes to ever come out of Techno Germany and gave it a little twist, transporting it into the 21st century. Check out the original classic after the jump.

Skill Warriorz are Dj Mad Skill, Dj Pyel, Dj KooGee form Prague, Czech Republic. Pitchy & Scratchy are a DJ and producer team from Stuttgart, Germany. Together they created a version of Sonic Empire that can be played in the clubs of today.


To see how far we’ve come musically, check out the original song by Members of Mayhem, also known as legendary German Techno pioneers Westbam and Klaus Jankuhn.


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Written By: ggottfried