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Thank You Pizza (Source: Domino's Japan)

A message to the fellowship of the Crust: “Thank you for the Love”

We’ve been in the label business for half a year now, and the support we’ve received so far is pretty incredible. We would like to take a moment to thank everybody who is making this adventurous endeavor so exciting on a daily basis.

You’ve heard the mantra: “There is no more money to be made by selling recorded music”. Indeed, the amounts of money that were generated by selling records in the golden era of the 80s and 90s seem utopian today. But then again: it’s not about the money. We know this sounds like a set phrase in times of ubiquitous capitalism, but it is true nonetheless: it’s not about the bloody money.

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Pizza has the power to make this world a better place.


It is so motivating to be working with people who are driven by nothing else than a passionate love for good music. And we’d like to thank all of them. So here we go: Thank you Tom for designing our luscious logo, Martin for shooting our pretty pictures. Thank you enchanting Laura for making them pretty in the first place.

Thank you DJ Stickle for your perfect pitch while mastering our music, Dennis for the gorgeous graphics and Crack-T for the invaluable promo. Thank you Flo for that fresh ass gear, Martin and Ilke for setting up our first tour and Sara for the overall support which was priceless.

A special thanks goes out to Ben Esser: Thanks for trusting us with your work. We know that tons of other labels would have happily signed you without batting an eye. And we are proud you chose us.

And last but not least: Thank you, beloved fellowship of the Crust. Thanks for spreading the word, buying the music (there is some money to be made after all) and sporting our shirts (there just isn’t anything like wearing a piece of bread with molten cheese on it, is there?). Thanks for liking and sharing our posts and coming to our tour. If we are the pizza crust, you are the topping.

Much love from Munich,

your Crispy Crust Crew

Written By: ggottfried